Pringle Bay Crime Alert

We wish to alert all residents and visitors to be particularly vigilant and undertake appropriate safety precautions following recent crime incidents.

Over the past month there have been two incidents of people being held hostage by assailants while a house is robbed. The most recent occurred in the early hours last Friday night / Saturday morning. A visitor was accosted outside the house whilst smoking and then physically restrained inside while it was ransacked. He was subsequently able to activate the alarm and summons help once the intruders had departed.

Incidents of this nature where people are physically threatened indicate a different type of crime to the usual break-ins and are cause for concern. Local residents have also expressed concern at the regular presence of Poaching spotters who spend their time observing what is happening around the village.

A joint meeting of the Pringle Bay Ratepayers’ Association and the Pringle Bay Street Watch agreed to the following actions.

1. Communicate the need to take precautions and advise visitors or guests appropriately. Guest House owners and letting agents will be requested to publicise PBSW safety pamphlets. (Please join the PBSW should you wish to receive regular updates on local crime patterns)

  • Ensure that your alarm is activated at night – don’t wait until you go to bed
  • Ensure that doors and insecure windows are locked even when at home
  • Exercise caution when going outside at night
  • Ensure that you do not leave valuables lying around or visible through windows.

2. Investigate and recommend solutions to negate an increased level of crime. In particular new camera technology will be researched to supplement the existing Security Camera system.

We invite anyone with knowledge of modern surveillance technology to assist with this. Please respond to this e-mail should you be willing to help.

3. A Public Meeting will be held towards the middle of October to discuss the crime situation and review recommendations for future action.