We are watching you

PBSW has received full accreditation from the Western Cape Department of Community Safety

Introduction & Background

Pringle Bay Street Watch (PBSW) was formed in early 2017 by several dedicated volunteers under the guidance of the Government’s Department of Community Safety (DoCS), the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the local Community Police Forum (CPF). PBSW received its full accreditation from the Western Cape Department of Community Safety on 30 August 2017.


SOS Telegram Group

As a member of our Street Watch you will have access to the PBSW SOS Telegram Group.  This gives you instant access to SAPS-vetted responders.

Free to join

It is free to join. However, donations are welcome as they help to fund patrolling, the purchase of necessary safety equipment, maintaining our website and other operational expenses.

Voluntary Patrolling

Patrolling is strictly voluntary.  PBSW are always seeking new members to join our currently small Patrol Team.  Patrollers and Responders do require to be vetted by SAPS.  Patrollers must report any crimes being committed to SAPS, the security companies and on the SOS Emergency Platform.  They must not attempt to arrest anyone without support.

More “eyes and ears”

The more PBSW members we have the more “eyes and ears” there are throughout Pringle Bay.

Join PBSW!

All property owners, residents, and holiday home owners etc. are encouraged to join PBSW.  Together we can build a safer village for all our residents.

For effectiveness, Pringle Bay Village has been divided into 8 Sectors plus Sector Farm, each with its own Sector Head. Each Sector has a Telegram group for the sharing of security and other community information. For effective communication you are required to download the Telegram app on your phone. We also have a PBSW Facebook Page that you are welcome to join once you have become a PBSW member.

Disaster Management Channel

The Pringle Bay Disaster Management Channel was set up in early 2019 following the devastating fires that effected our area. All visitors and residents and encouraged to join the channel clicking the “Join Channel” button.