About Pringle Bay Street Watch (PBSW)

PBSW is a formal, non-for-profit organisation that promotes good neighbourliness in the spirit of a Neighbourhood Watch that has a care and concern for everybody’s safety.  Ultimately, PBSW is working towards creating a safe and secure environment for everybody in our community. PBSW works with the South African Police Service (SAPS), the Overstrand Municipality Law Enforcement and other Law Enforcement organisations, as well as all Security Companies in the area.


PBSW is an independent organisation and is not affiliated to any political party or special interest group.  PBSW is registered with the Western Cape Department of Community Safety (DoCS) and is a member of the Kleinmond SAPS’ Joint Communication Committee Meeting (JOCOM) and the local Community Police Forum (CPF).  PBSW partners with all legal organisations to fight against crime.

PBSW Constitution

PBSW is a voluntary organisation relying solely on the effort, time and resources of the community.  It has a Constitution that guides its functioning and is in keeping with the regulation of the Western Cape DoCS. A copy of the Constitution can be found on this website.

Who can join PBSW?

All resident with their domicile in Pringle Bay (owners and tenants), homeowners and business owners may become members of PBSW by completing an application form. Membership is free and is open to property owners and legal tenants.

Our Vision

To promote a community of care and concern for each other where residents are empowered to take care of themselves and can live free from the fear of crime.

Our Mission

To promote cohesion by involving residents and authorities to share information on the various communication platforms, thereby creating awareness and mobilising residents to respond to calls for help from other people in the community.  The end result should be an effective and inclusive Neighbourhood Watch looking after its own people.

Our Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Respect and tolerance
  • Accountability and transparency
  • An ability to listen and consult

Street Watch Member Categories

“Eyes and Ears” Members

As a member of PBSW, all members act as ‘eyes and ears’.  This does not mean that we invade the privacy of our neighbours or try to become a ‘busy body’.

As ‘eyes and ears’ you are responsible for:

  • Keeping an eye out for suspicious persons or vehicles from the comfort of your home, garden, patio, deck veranda, or even whilst out walking or running on the road or beach
  • Reporting suspicious activities, persons or vehicles to your Sector Group so that those who are home can be aware and remain vigilant. Reports are to be in text and not photographic to comply with the law.
  • Alert the Police and the PBSW SOS group if you see or hear a break-in or criminal activity in progress.

The Management Team

All residents who are members of PBSW are eligible to be nominated for election to the Management Team and/or eligible to vote.  A key requirement is that you need to be officially vetted by SAPS.  Members can access a list of the Management Team and their contact details from this Website.  Management Team positions: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Sectors 1 to 8, Patrol Coordinator and Operations Coordiantor.  Co-opted positions: Admin Support and Crime Database Compiler

Patrollers and Response Team

You are welcome to join the Patrollers and Responders Team.  A requirement from DoCS is for Patrollers to supply a copy of their ID so that they can be vetted by SAPS.  Vetting is done to safeguard the community from Patrollers who may have a criminal record.  Patrollers will be required to attend orientation training.

Patrollers will help with:

  • Undertaking patrols in the area to support SAPS and the security companies in the area
  • Responding to emergency situations and call for help from the community

Citizen’s Arrest

In order to apprehend a criminal, any citizen has the power to make a citizen’s arrest for the following crimes:

  • Indecent Assault
  • Theft
  • Robbery

PBSW encourages you to report these crimes to the police and on the PBSW SOS Emergency Platform so that you can be supported by others. Do not attempt to do this on your own.