SOS PBSW Group on Telegram

Send an SOS to PBSW

Stay safe: Join the official Pringle Bay Street Watch (PBSW) emergency group now

The official PBSW emergency group for members is SOS PBSW on Telegram and it has its own distinctive logo for easy recognition. As a member of our street watch, SOS PBSW gives you instant access to SAPS-vetted responders.

If you don’t already have Telegram please download the app now.

Rules for SOS PBSW

The emergency Telegram SOS group is strictly for emergencies only. No chit-chat, no emoticons, no appeals for lost animals or keys etc. will be tolerated.

The following situations are regarded as an emergency and can be posted on the SOS platform:

  • A Schedule 1 offence is being committed
  • Personnel at risk
  • Property at risk
  • Suspect(s) on the move
  • Fire

Once a response on SOS is activated, communication on the SOS platform will be end. Communication will be continued on the Patrollers and Responders platform and/or Sector Groups.