A Must Have Handy Security Torch

A Small But Very Bright Torch

Small and bright torch

For a while now I have been on the lookout for a bright torch. This needed to be in the region of 1000 lumens. This would be bright enough to see any movement at least 50 to 100 meters away. This would be Ideal for security around the house as well as on the road.

I happened to be near Somerset Mall the other day to pick up dog food and on the off chance I went into Builders Warehouse to see  what they had in the way of torches. After looking at a few I noticed a pile of about a dozen boxes that had 29X brighter on the box. Brighter than what? I asked, well looking a bit closer this little torch puts out 800 lumens. WOW! For such a handy item that is a lot of light. Next was the price, again WOW! R149. It has a clip inside that holds three AAA batteries. Further along the stand was a rack with batteries and for four rechargables at R70 I came away with a great little torch and batteries for R219.

The true test was to come when I got home and waited for sunset and darkness so that I could test this little baby out. I was not disappointed this puts out a fantastically powerful light for such a small torch. One of the features is a zoom that can focus the beam and I could see clearly up to about 200 meters away. Another feature is the sturdy metal body that will take a bit of rough handling and should last a fair time.

I have no financial interest in this item, I only want to pass on a great tip to all the Pringle Bay residents who might need a handy and powerful torch around the home and in the car.