PBSW Quarterly Newsletter – September 2019

Message from the PBSW Management Team

Thank you and welcome to all our members, new and old.

Currently we have 473 listed members of which 330 are using our Telegram App for communication. Please get your friends and neighbours to enlist. If all our members use the Telegram App, it will become much faster and easier to share the same information with everybody and with less confusion.

Our village has been hit hard by crime over the last few weeks. It almost seems as if South Africa’s worsening socio economic conditions is driving crime syndicates to operate more openly in more vulnerable, remote communities. Poachers and thieves have be-come bolder as their crimes increasingly go unchallenged by the State’s Law and Order institutions. So much so that recent inci-dents have become more and more aggressive with an increase in house invasions taking place while the occupants are relaxing in the privacy of their homes.

Our complete newsletter is available as a PDF download below.